NUB Cigar

I enjoy a good cigar from time to time.  I’m also a sucker for advertising.  I love new things!  So when I heard about Nub Cigars and their wide gauge cigars, I though it seemed a bit gimmicky, but wanted to check it out.  NUB Cigars wanted to create a cigar that gets to the real flavor quickly.  Usually, the full flavor of a cigar comes about 1″ into the cigar; which is fine, but takes about 10-15 min.  NUB Cigars are no longer than 4″ and are at full force within a few puffs.

The larger ring gauges allows for a cooler burning, longer smoking cigar with comparable smoking times.  Even the smallest NUB Cigars smoke for around 40 minutes.

Next time you are around a fine cigar shop, pick one up!

All Aboard!

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