Alite Designs Monarch Butterfly Camp Chair

Backpackers Rejoice


This camper’s delight comes from Alite Designs, a San Francisco based company.

 The Monarch Butterfly chair is light weight, at 18 oz. and packs into a 4.5 x 13 in. stuff sack.  Expanding on the aluminum pole design, seen in most new tents, set up is quick and easy.  The chair is made with nylon fabric and mesh side panels for breathability.  despite its nimble weight, it’s capacity is rated to 250 lbs, even your bigger buddies can use it.

The 2 rubber feet can be a balancing act (pun intended), but with practice can become quite relaxing. So prop your feet up and enjoy the campfire all year long!


One response to “Alite Designs Monarch Butterfly Camp Chair

  1. This IS a cool chair,if an 80 year old can get in and out of the thing anyone from there down has it made.. The chair is compact, very light wt. and extremely well constructed, beats sitting on a rock, stump, ground or picnic table . The chair is low enough to use in the tent for reading .Gotta give it a 10

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