2011 Nashville International Auto Show

We may not have mentioned it before, but the Truth Train team is pretty fanatical about cars. We recently attended the 2011 Nashville International Auto Show, which was held at the Nashville Convention Center from November 25th to November 27th. While there wasn’t anything particularly exciting or new to us at the event, it offered a good opportunity for hands-on interaction with a variety of 2012 model cars without having to visit a bunch of dealers. There was a conspicuous absence of European autos, so the majority of manufacturers represented were American or Japanese. In fact, there were as many Korean manufacturers as European manufacturers in attendance (one of each, Kia and VW). In retrospect, the admission price seems a hair steep at $8; however, the ticket included a free subscription to Motor Trend magazine, so the cost of the show definitely ended up being worth it. Here are a few pics from the event and a short video recap:



The Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet… a real abomination in our opinion!



Ford, please bring the 2-door Fiesta to the US! We liked this 4-door version, but we must admit that the $21,000 sticker was surprising.


This Acura ZDX was our favorite crossover at the show.


The carbon fiber roof and massive brakes on this ZR1 were stunning in person.



This Murcialago was cool, but where’s the Aventador?


Our favorite car from the show, the 94 horsepower Scion iQ.

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One response to “2011 Nashville International Auto Show

  1. Definitely not international! A big disappointment. This show has been going downhill over the last couple of years. No Mercedes, no Lexus, no Infinity, no Jaguar, no Porsche and no Range Rover (except for a new Evoque that you couldn’t even look inside because it was packed with money bags to be given away). Honda didn’t even show up. As for exotics…one Maybach, one Bentley and one Lamborghini….expensive cars, but not really exotic. I took a group with me last year and this year. No more. We will look for some alternative form of entertainment next year. A more accurate description of the show would be the Nashville Dealership Show.

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