2013-Model Nashville International Auto Show

The Truth Train team returned to the Nashville International Auto Show this year on November 9th, 2012 to see what’s new in the auto industry and with the event itself. After chugging a few of the 5 Hour Energy drinks they give you upon entry to the show, we put together the following photo and video recap of some of the highlights. If you make it out to the show, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

We saw this McLaren MP4-12C parked outside the event, which we hoped was a sign of more good (read: exotic) things to come!

However, things got off to an economical start with this Prius C, which we actually felt was one of the best values of the show’s economy car segment.

Spicing things back up was this pepper-esque Maserati GranTurismo coupe. It’s definitely one of Maserati’s more attractive designs in recent times.

Sticking with the speed theme, this Corvette ZR1 had an imposing presence in person.

The ‘Vette’s carbon ceramic Brembo brakes were very impressive.

Another domestic tire-shedder at the show was this Camaro ZL1 convertible. Unlike the Corvette, this car was unlocked and available for attendees to closely inspect. Our thoughts? There are plenty of other cars we’d rather have for the money. This thing’s not cheap!

The new Ford Fusion’s Aston-ish front end looks a great in person as it does in pictures.

The most surprising car at the show was the new Toyota Avalon. It looked great! Check out the seemingly Audi A5-inspired C-pillar.

Does this look like an Avalon to you?

The Infiniti FX37 had striking “quilted” leather. It sort of reminded us of the interior of the Murcielago at last year’s show.

The CTS-V wagon is a very cool car.

Being at the auto show enabled us to experience the Cadillac’s sublime Alacantara-wrapped steering wheel first-hand.

Our hopes that a Scion FR-S would be on display came true. Now we really want to go test drive one.

Pictures do not due justice to how low the Scion’s engine sits in the bay.

Our only gripe with FR-S was the fact that it had these cheesy inserts in the seats. While we appreciated the seats’ contrasting stitching, it seemed like the inserts would get dingy and show wear quickly.

We also got to check out a car that the FR-S is frequently compared to, the Mazda MX-5. We’d much rather spend a lot less money for similar levels of fun by picking up a 90’s model.

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