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Man on a Ledge – Review

We’ve all seen films about someone trapped in a phone booth, on a train, in a panic room, or on a plane. I usually dread seeing this type of movie where characters are “stuck” in one location for the duration of the film. They tend to feel claustrophobic and one-dimensional. Man on a Ledge, however, transcends the “in a/on a” genre’s usual shortcomings and tells a story that extends well beyond the protagonist’s self-imposed spacial boundaries.

The Truth Train team caught an advance screening of Man On A Ledge earlier this week, which is director Asger Leth’s Hollywood debut. It is a film that won’t surprise or disappoint.

The story revolves around disgraced cop Nick Cassidy’s efforts to prove his innocence while hundreds of feet above an informal, rubbernecking jury of his peers. We don’t want to give too many plot details away, so you’ll have to trust us when we say that the film is much more interesting than the title suggests. Think “The Negotiator” meets “The Town”.

While Man On A Ledge is a good film with a straight forward premise, many twists are glaring from the start. That said, the screenwriters do save a few unexpected items for the end. In hindsight, many of the plot elements are ridiculously unbelievable, but we didn’t find ourselves distracted by a struggle to suspend disbelief during the actual viewing.

If you’re the type of person who likes to maximize their cinematic dollar by only going out to see films that make the most of a huge screen and an earth shaking sound system, you’ll probably want to rent this one. If not, it’s worth taking a date to see it when it’s released at the end of the month on January 27th.

Side note: While writing this review, we realized that a disproportionately large number of thrillers and dramas are focused on cops or ex-cops. Why does this seem to be the case? (No pun intended) Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!


Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

No, it’s not a movie chronicling the struggles of an etiquette teacher in the afterlife, it’s the 4th installment of the action-packed Mission: Impossible series…

The Truth Train team viewed a full length sneak preview of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol last night in IMAX. If we were paying, this isn’t the type of movie we’d normally consider laying down the extra cash to see in an IMAX theater, but we found that the grand scenes and special effects in the movie were really boosted by the immersive IMAX experience. Overall, the movie surpassed our expectations. We managed to make it through with more genuine LOLs than eye rolls, which was unexpected for such a big budget action movie. The international locations were interesting and well integrated into the plot. Simon Pegg’s performance was another highlight of the movie.

Overall, the film felt like a summer blockbuster that didn’t arrive until the middle of winter, but in a fashionably late way.

Your mission this holiday season, should you choose to accept it, is to subdue your relatives with egg nog, sneak past them in tight black clothing, and rappel to your nearest theater to check out this movie.

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Please excuse the poor audio quality of the following video. Apparently, malls are louder than we thought:

Eco-Spoiler Alert!
Regarding plot plausibility, only one nagging question remains. With today’s technology, how can a high-speed dash in an electric car not come to an anti-climactic end because of dead batteries?

Hugo Screening

Hugo is an orphan boy, who lives in the walls of a train station in Paris in the 1940s. His life has been difficult after his father’s death and like many of us, he is trying to find meaning and his purpose. This film is well paced, but might be too slow for younger viewers. In the end, it shows us that much like clocks, we all have our place in this world and, however small, are integral to its functioning correctly.

Don’t be worried about the over use of 3D. Though I’m tired of the format, Scorsese uses it masterfully.

Gold Strike Casino

If you find yourself wandering south of Memphis with an appetite for fun, free drinks, and fake Chihuly sculptures, look no further than the Gold Strike Casino Resort in Tunica, Mississippi.

A group of friends and I made the four-hour drive from Nashville to the Magnolia State for a weekend sojourn in the Paris of the Mid-South.

Allegedly, this parcel of land rests on some unseen body of water, but all we could locate was a moat and maybe some marsh lands. Potential legal issues aside, the Gold Strike an exciting place to spend a weekend.

For what Tunica has to offer, the Gold Strike is one of the classier joints in which to try your luck. The rooms are comfortable, stylish and modern. The ground floor is full of craps tables, roulette wheels, and thematic slot machines (my personal favorite was the “Sex and the City” slot).

In addition to the myriad of games available for you to blow your paycheck, there are other ways to spend your time. While listening to a live band play one-hit wonders from the 90s near the bar, you can take a break from gambling and enjoy a refreshment at no cost to you.

The Chicago Steakhouse is an upscale dining venue in the casino, but if you want to get away for the evening, check out historic downtown Memphis. Several other casinos are within walking distance, but frankly, you have no reason to ever leave the Strike. Be careful if you step outside for some fresh air (the casino floor can get a little smoky). You may bump into a cadre of college-age girls in argyle. (We did, anyway).

I lost $60 there, but my friend won $300. You never know how Lady Luck will strike. Regardless of the outcome, the memories you make at this resort will be golden.

All aboard!

Robert’s Western World

If you have a hankerin’ to go honky tonkin’ on Broadway in Nashville, you have to check out Robert’s Western World… it may be the only legitimate spot left. Bypass those urban posers at the Stage and enjoy a High Life while enjoying traditional country music and viewing the extensive selection of cowboy boots for sale on the wall. You won’t regret it, and you’ll gain instant street cred with the locals.

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Avatar 3D

Like most of America, I went to see Avatar this weekend.  I had seen a lot of press about the film, but really didn’t know what Avatar was going to be about, so I was skeptical.  I enjoyed the story and the special effects, but what I really thought was amazing was the film’s visual perspective.  James Cameron spent incredible amounts of time to ensure the film had depth,  not just the 3D feeling of many other films, but depth perception as perceived by the human eye.  Avatar is the future of film making.

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Bob Dylan – Christmas In The Heart

Here at, we love Christmas time and everything that goes along with it.  So when I got the opportunity to listen to Bob Dylan’s new Christmas album, I was excited.

Then I listened to the record…

I’ll say it’s pretty terrible on the first and subsequent listens.  I’m not really sure if he’s enjoying himself or he finds the whole idea ridiculous.  Nothing about the album seems genuine.  I like Dylan; A LOT, but I’m definitely sticking to my usual Christmas traditions with Burl Ives and Perry Como.

Evacuate the Station


Vampire films seem to be all around these days, so it’s nice to find one with a new spin.  This film is by Korean director Chan-wook Park.  It features a story about a priest, who through an experiment, begins to act on carnal pleasures.  This IS a love story, just not one you might be expecting.  Can you be parasitic and remain humane?  How far will love go?

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The Road

This film had a limited release on Nov 25 playing at 111 theaters. So, chances are you haven’t seen it yet. Fortunately, we here at were able to see the film prior to its release. Uneasy feelings emerged in many who read the novel by Cormack McCarthy when Charlize Theron was featured prominently in the trailers. I can assure you that this is merely a studio ploy to get viewers. The film focuses on the travels of Viggo Mortensen (Man) and Kodi Smit-McPhee (Boy) on The Road, with memories of a life now passed. Both parts are well cast and acted; they deserve the coming accolades. The cinematography displays the bleak tone of the novel continually throughout, which makes for a heavy, but enriched viewing. This film is one of best of the year.

Oh, and Viggo sports an impressive beard. Shout out to Whiskerino.

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Crank 2

Jason Statham plays his part well. Let’s face it; we all know what we are getting into with most of his films. I like them. It’s a guy’s movie with guns, girls and artificial hearts. No complaints from me. Don’t expect it to rock your world, just enjoy the mayhem.

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