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Holiday Shakedown!

Now that America’s restaurants have given thanks for their turkey-based profits, many have moved on to cashing in on Christmas-themed offerings. Several fast food restaurants recently released new holiday shakes, and the Truth Train team decided to put 2 of them head-to-head in a battle for shake supremacy. Here is our first gift to you this holiday season, the Holiday Shakedown!

Arby’s Peppermint Stick Swirl Shake


The first contender is Arby’s new Peppermint Stick Swirl Shake. We have enjoyed several of these, and a couple have been eerily faithful reproductions of the advertisements inside the restaurant. This was a welcome surprise, since fast food items that slide across the counter rarely have the appeal of the pictures that are used to market them. In our experience, the visual appeal of the Arby’s shake definitely depends on the person preparing them however, and the appearance of the shakes we’ve purchased has ranged from one that looked like a half-hearted employee had randomly flung the red “swirl” substance on the cup, to one with a near perfect red spiral carefully cascading down the vessel. The flavor is definitely festive, and is minty without being overwhelming. We found the 20oz size to be quite satisfying. This shake has a nice consistency, and is not difficult to get through a straw.

Sonic Chocolate Mint Holiday Shake


The second contender in our Holiday Shakedown is Sonic’s Chocolate Mint Holiday Shake. A few years ago, Sonic had a pure peppermint shake that would’ve matched up closer in this comparison; however, this year’s offering is a chocolate-based mint shake variation. After managing to draw some of the thick shake through the trademark red straw, the predominant flavor is chocolate, with just a hint of peppermint. It seems that this may actually just be a standard chocolate shake with crushed peppermint candies mixed in. Due to the opaque styrofoam cup, there is no real “holiday” presentation, other than the multi-colored crushed peppermint candy shards that are visible through the cup’s clear plastic dome. The holiday vibe is further hindered by the awkward inclusion of a single cherry on top of the shake. The cherry may be a trademark stamp that Sonic places on all of it’s shakes, but omitting it from this item may have helped amp up the holiday factor. The high quality of the ingredients is readily apparent, and each taste confirms that you are consuming “real” ice cream.


The quality of Sonic’s Chocolate Mint Holiday Shake is probably higher, but for pure holiday exclusivity, presentation, and taste, we have to give the advantage to Arby’s Peppermint Stick Swirl Shake.

If you get a chance to try either of these seasonal shakes, we encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Yazoo Fortuitous Review

The bottom line: If you find some, get it.

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Sam Adams Infinium

Here at we love our beer.  As an alternative to Champagne this New Years Eve, we decided to try Infinium, a collaboration between Boston Brewing Co. and Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany. Infinium is made with only the four traditional ingredients: malted barley, hops, water and yeast.  Dispite it’s simple ingredients, Infinium achieves  a crisp champagne-like beer with fine bubbles and a fruity, spicy aroma. Additionally, the alcohol content is approx. 10.3%, so it is similar to the champagne that you were thinking of buying.

Ringing in at around $20, this brew might be a great substitute for your next formal occasion!


So long summer, it was real.

Music City Hot Chicken Festival

Gold Strike Casino

If you find yourself wandering south of Memphis with an appetite for fun, free drinks, and fake Chihuly sculptures, look no further than the Gold Strike Casino Resort in Tunica, Mississippi.

A group of friends and I made the four-hour drive from Nashville to the Magnolia State for a weekend sojourn in the Paris of the Mid-South.

Allegedly, this parcel of land rests on some unseen body of water, but all we could locate was a moat and maybe some marsh lands. Potential legal issues aside, the Gold Strike an exciting place to spend a weekend.

For what Tunica has to offer, the Gold Strike is one of the classier joints in which to try your luck. The rooms are comfortable, stylish and modern. The ground floor is full of craps tables, roulette wheels, and thematic slot machines (my personal favorite was the “Sex and the City” slot).

In addition to the myriad of games available for you to blow your paycheck, there are other ways to spend your time. While listening to a live band play one-hit wonders from the 90s near the bar, you can take a break from gambling and enjoy a refreshment at no cost to you.

The Chicago Steakhouse is an upscale dining venue in the casino, but if you want to get away for the evening, check out historic downtown Memphis. Several other casinos are within walking distance, but frankly, you have no reason to ever leave the Strike. Be careful if you step outside for some fresh air (the casino floor can get a little smoky). You may bump into a cadre of college-age girls in argyle. (We did, anyway).

I lost $60 there, but my friend won $300. You never know how Lady Luck will strike. Regardless of the outcome, the memories you make at this resort will be golden.

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Starbucks Coffee Company – Free Pastry Day

This Tuesday March 23rd, you can receive a free pastry with the purchase of a Starbucks beverage and a coupon. I try not to promote the the ole sbux very much, since they get a decent amount of business from me, but everyone likes free stuff right? Anyway, get in there and enjoy!

Chicago Style Vienna Beef Hot Dog

We are on our way to Anchorage and have a 3 hour layover at ORD. I wanted to share my love of Chicago and their fine cuisine. I had a Chicago Dog for lunch and I wanted to recommend it. It’s been said this dog has been drug through the garden and I tend to agree.

The dog begins with a Vienna Beef hot dog on a poppyseed bun; condiments include tomatoes, onions, yellow mustard, sport peppers, bright green relish, dill pickle spear and topped with celery salt. If this all sounds like a bit much, I understand. I only marginally like half of the things included, but somehow it all works together.

You don’t have to be in Chicago to enjoy this hot dog, though it is preferred. Visit your local dog shop and try it out!

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Regal Cinemas In-Theater Freschetta Pizza Delivery Service

I was recently in a hurry to make a 7:30 movie and didn’t have time to eat dinner beforehand. Starving, I contemplated gorging myself on Twizzlers and Sour Patch Kids from the Regal Cinema concession stand until I saw that they offered personal sized Freschetta pizzas. I figured a pizza would probably cost more than my movie ticket due to notoriously high movie theater mark-up, but I was pleased to learn that one could be had for less than $7.00. Since it would definitely take more than $7.00 worth of Reese’s Pieces to fill me up, I took the pizza plunge. After ordering it, however, I learned that it would take 6 minutes to prepare. The bow-tied worker behind the counter then informed me that I had the option of having it delivered to me in the theater if I didn’t want to wait. I was skeptical (How would they find me in the dark? Would they do the sideways shuffle down half a row if I was sitting in the middle of the theater?), but I took his offer since I was late. I walked away while still pondering my doubts and then I realized that he hadn’t even asked me what theater I’d be in. I went back to inform him, but he didn’t seem too concerned with the information.

Somehow, the pizza arrived a short time later with little drama. It tasted great and was slightly larger than a Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza. It turned out that instead of worrying about how the pizza would arrive, I should’ve been worried about what would happen after it got there. Eating pizza in the dark is harder than you’d think.

If you’re late for a movie, starving, and don’t feel like inhaling 3 boxes of candy, you should definitely consider the Regal Cinemas In-Theater Freschetta Pizza Delivery Service, even though the whole delivery experience is reminiscent of a scene from Enemy of the State.

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Bear Naked – Fruit and Nut

Does it seem like granola always tastes like cardboard and rocks?  Bear Naked is ready to change your mind.

The Fruit and Nut granola;  filled with raisins, dried cranberries, almonds and walnuts, is soft-baked so you won’t break your teeth.  Bear Naked products contain no preservatives, so be satisfied without worrying about ingredients you can’t read.

Bear Naked is great for hikes, camping and for daily snacks.  Check it out!

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