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Yazoo Fortuitous Review

The bottom line: If you find some, get it.

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Sam Adams Infinium

Here at we love our beer.  As an alternative to Champagne this New Years Eve, we decided to try Infinium, a collaboration between Boston Brewing Co. and Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany. Infinium is made with only the four traditional ingredients: malted barley, hops, water and yeast.  Dispite it’s simple ingredients, Infinium achieves  a crisp champagne-like beer with fine bubbles and a fruity, spicy aroma. Additionally, the alcohol content is approx. 10.3%, so it is similar to the champagne that you were thinking of buying.

Ringing in at around $20, this brew might be a great substitute for your next formal occasion!


2011 Music City Brewer’s Fest

Do you even have to ask?
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2011 Music City Hot Chicken Festival

Harrah’s Casino in Metropolis, Il

This, uhhhh, shall we say, “succinct” review of Harrah’s Casino in Metropolis, Il just goes to show that blackjack + losing = brevity. In all seriousness, it’s not the Luxor, but we always find ourselves stopping in for a few hands whenever we’re driving through the Land of Lincoln. The casino also occasionally holds electrifying limbo contests in the “Party Zone”. The contests are not to be missed, and we’re not just saying that because one of us has a second place finish under their belt.

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Gold Strike Casino

If you find yourself wandering south of Memphis with an appetite for fun, free drinks, and fake Chihuly sculptures, look no further than the Gold Strike Casino Resort in Tunica, Mississippi.

A group of friends and I made the four-hour drive from Nashville to the Magnolia State for a weekend sojourn in the Paris of the Mid-South.

Allegedly, this parcel of land rests on some unseen body of water, but all we could locate was a moat and maybe some marsh lands. Potential legal issues aside, the Gold Strike an exciting place to spend a weekend.

For what Tunica has to offer, the Gold Strike is one of the classier joints in which to try your luck. The rooms are comfortable, stylish and modern. The ground floor is full of craps tables, roulette wheels, and thematic slot machines (my personal favorite was the “Sex and the City” slot).

In addition to the myriad of games available for you to blow your paycheck, there are other ways to spend your time. While listening to a live band play one-hit wonders from the 90s near the bar, you can take a break from gambling and enjoy a refreshment at no cost to you.

The Chicago Steakhouse is an upscale dining venue in the casino, but if you want to get away for the evening, check out historic downtown Memphis. Several other casinos are within walking distance, but frankly, you have no reason to ever leave the Strike. Be careful if you step outside for some fresh air (the casino floor can get a little smoky). You may bump into a cadre of college-age girls in argyle. (We did, anyway).

I lost $60 there, but my friend won $300. You never know how Lady Luck will strike. Regardless of the outcome, the memories you make at this resort will be golden.

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Robert’s Western World

If you have a hankerin’ to go honky tonkin’ on Broadway in Nashville, you have to check out Robert’s Western World… it may be the only legitimate spot left. Bypass those urban posers at the Stage and enjoy a High Life while enjoying traditional country music and viewing the extensive selection of cowboy boots for sale on the wall. You won’t regret it, and you’ll gain instant street cred with the locals.

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Bud Select 55

Budweiser is to be commended for trying to keep up with the other beer brands.  It seems like we’ll soon have ten calorie beer.  Unfortunately, Budweiser doesn’t succeed in their most recent effort, Bud Select 55.

The brew is very light and doesn’t have a tremendous amount of flavor.  I also felt the beer had the usual skunky taste that comes with other clear bottled beers, due to light exposure.  I’ve had Bud Select, which comes in a brown bottle, it has 99 calories and has more flavor.

If you are watching your calories, but still want to have a brew or two, go with the Bud Select 99.  You’ll be glad you did.

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NUB Cigar

I enjoy a good cigar from time to time.  I’m also a sucker for advertising.  I love new things!  So when I heard about Nub Cigars and their wide gauge cigars, I though it seemed a bit gimmicky, but wanted to check it out.  NUB Cigars wanted to create a cigar that gets to the real flavor quickly.  Usually, the full flavor of a cigar comes about 1″ into the cigar; which is fine, but takes about 10-15 min.  NUB Cigars are no longer than 4″ and are at full force within a few puffs.

The larger ring gauges allows for a cooler burning, longer smoking cigar with comparable smoking times.  Even the smallest NUB Cigars smoke for around 40 minutes.

Next time you are around a fine cigar shop, pick one up!

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2009 Holiday Party White Elephant Gift Guide

Since holiday party season is in full swing, we thought we’d share our recommendation for white elephant gift giving this year. $15 seems to be a common limit for many of these games, so we’ve tried to pack as much punch as possible for that amount.

Let me start by saying that white elephant gift giving can be tricky. Too kitschy, and everyone who put hours of effort finding the nicest gift possible within the budget will feel insulted. Too swanky, and guests with the more “creative” gifts will feel like you’ve made a corporate mockery of the game. To top things off, there is always the equally touchy topic of gender neutrality.

We’ve taken all of these considerations into account and we recommend… the Tiger Cane & Crown combo!

The timeless wooden tiger cane is available for $6.49 at World Market (on sale from $12.99), and we found a 375ml bottle of Crown Royal at a local liquor store for $9.99 (holiday special); adding up to a grand total of $16.48 (everyone goes over). With a retail value of around $25, you’ll be bringing more than your fair share of value to the party.

So, if you feel like giving a white elephant gift with priceless class, infinite possibilities, and maximum value, give this combo a shot.

Caveat: This gift is difficult to wrap.

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