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Hugo Screening

Hugo is an orphan boy, who lives in the walls of a train station in Paris in the 1940s. His life has been difficult after his father’s death and like many of us, he is trying to find meaning and his purpose. This film is well paced, but might be too slow for younger viewers. In the end, it shows us that much like clocks, we all have our place in this world and, however small, are integral to its functioning correctly.

Don’t be worried about the over use of 3D. Though I’m tired of the format, Scorsese uses it masterfully.

Regal Cinemas In-Theater Freschetta Pizza Delivery Service

I was recently in a hurry to make a 7:30 movie and didn’t have time to eat dinner beforehand. Starving, I contemplated gorging myself on Twizzlers and Sour Patch Kids from the Regal Cinema concession stand until I saw that they offered personal sized Freschetta pizzas. I figured a pizza would probably cost more than my movie ticket due to notoriously high movie theater mark-up, but I was pleased to learn that one could be had for less than $7.00. Since it would definitely take more than $7.00 worth of Reese’s Pieces to fill me up, I took the pizza plunge. After ordering it, however, I learned that it would take 6 minutes to prepare. The bow-tied worker behind the counter then informed me that I had the option of having it delivered to me in the theater if I didn’t want to wait. I was skeptical (How would they find me in the dark? Would they do the sideways shuffle down half a row if I was sitting in the middle of the theater?), but I took his offer since I was late. I walked away while still pondering my doubts and then I realized that he hadn’t even asked me what theater I’d be in. I went back to inform him, but he didn’t seem too concerned with the information.

Somehow, the pizza arrived a short time later with little drama. It tasted great and was slightly larger than a Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza. It turned out that instead of worrying about how the pizza would arrive, I should’ve been worried about what would happen after it got there. Eating pizza in the dark is harder than you’d think.

If you’re late for a movie, starving, and don’t feel like inhaling 3 boxes of candy, you should definitely consider the Regal Cinemas In-Theater Freschetta Pizza Delivery Service, even though the whole delivery experience is reminiscent of a scene from Enemy of the State.

Stay on the Platform

Avatar 3D

Like most of America, I went to see Avatar this weekend.  I had seen a lot of press about the film, but really didn’t know what Avatar was going to be about, so I was skeptical.  I enjoyed the story and the special effects, but what I really thought was amazing was the film’s visual perspective.  James Cameron spent incredible amounts of time to ensure the film had depth,  not just the 3D feeling of many other films, but depth perception as perceived by the human eye.  Avatar is the future of film making.

All Aboard!


Vampire films seem to be all around these days, so it’s nice to find one with a new spin.  This film is by Korean director Chan-wook Park.  It features a story about a priest, who through an experiment, begins to act on carnal pleasures.  This IS a love story, just not one you might be expecting.  Can you be parasitic and remain humane?  How far will love go?

All Aboard!

The Road

This film had a limited release on Nov 25 playing at 111 theaters. So, chances are you haven’t seen it yet. Fortunately, we here at TruthTrain.com were able to see the film prior to its release. Uneasy feelings emerged in many who read the novel by Cormack McCarthy when Charlize Theron was featured prominently in the trailers. I can assure you that this is merely a studio ploy to get viewers. The film focuses on the travels of Viggo Mortensen (Man) and Kodi Smit-McPhee (Boy) on The Road, with memories of a life now passed. Both parts are well cast and acted; they deserve the coming accolades. The cinematography displays the bleak tone of the novel continually throughout, which makes for a heavy, but enriched viewing. This film is one of best of the year.

Oh, and Viggo sports an impressive beard. Shout out to Whiskerino.

All Aboard!

Crank 2

Jason Statham plays his part well. Let’s face it; we all know what we are getting into with most of his films. I like them. It’s a guy’s movie with guns, girls and artificial hearts. No complaints from me. Don’t expect it to rock your world, just enjoy the mayhem.

Stay on the Platform

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

R. Patts, usually a good actor, continues to play the brooding Edward Cullen; however, his perfomance here is disappointing.  Additionally, the story line seems sparse at best. New Moon is worth the rent, as your girlfriend will likely want to watch it.  So take one for the team and redeem your points at a later date.

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