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The DIY Lifestyle

If you choose to undertake a similar task (which we highly recommend), here are two pieces of advice:

1) Always unplug the appliance before beginning work.

2) If you remove the belt from an electric GE dryer, be sure not to slightly dislodge the idler pulley arm… ask us how we know.

Screwpop™ (4-in-1 keychain tool)

Have you ever opened a cooler full of beer only to see nothing but pry-off tops? Have you attended a birthday party where a gang of unruly 3rd graders insists that batteries be immediately installed in all of the new toys? There is no need to fear these situations any longer thanks to Screwpop™.

The Screwpop™ is an extremely convenient tool that fits right in the palm of your hand. As a screwdriver, it leverages surprisingly impressive torque delivered through a reversible snap-in Flathead and Phillips screw-bit. Old, weathered, and rusty screws were no match for the tool in our tests. The compact design even functions as a ¼” nut driver for tightening loose bolts and works as a mini pry-bar for working things apart (using flathead bit). The Screwpop™ also functions as a bottle opener for people who’ve worked up a thirst unscrewing things.

Noticeably smaller than most car keys, its compact size fits nicely in the pocket without adding significant bulk. I added it to my keyring this weekend and had no trouble adjusting to the extra mass. The Screwpop™ has a high build quality, including some etchings on the tool (absent in the pictures above) that add a nice level of detail.

With a paltry price of $4.95, you really can’t afford to not have one of these on your keyring.


Gerber – Artifact Pocket Keychain Tool

Are you still looking for a gift? Well, I always like to give gifts that I would appreciate and use; that’s where Gerber comes in.  Gerber has released the Artifact Pocket Keychain Tool which retails for around $10.  The Artifact features an exchangeable / removable #11 hobby blade, cross driver, small and medium flat drivers, wire stripper, pry bar/paint can opener and lanyard/keychain attachment hole.

It is a great gift, that will actually get used!

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